Push Eggs match


【The purpose of learning】
    Learn the settings and operations of the Bluetooth module, control the model car with a mobile phone,From understanding the concept of program operation to extending applications, experience the joy of learning.
【Equipment requirements】
    BeeCAR, MelaCake, Push Egg Attack Game Set.

【Game introduction】
    The seemingly simple action of controlling a car with a mobile phone,but it also contains many details,contains settings for transmitting signals and motion commands in Bluetooth.If you want to control the car flexibly, you need to adjust the parameters of each command,Going forward and turning too fast,If it ’s too long, it ’s easy to overdo it, and it ’s not easy to go to the ideal position,It is the key to win to lower the parameters and be afraid of being taken a step ahead by the opponent.
1.Device settings:Please connect MelaCake or BeeCAR to your computer and  open the TARKUS VP program.
2. In the graphic tool area of ​​TARKUS VP, click on the game module to open the list, and select Push Eggs to make the parameter settings. .
3.Players set vehicle parameters individually; please refer to the course gadget for the mobile phone setting steps.

4.The game is limited to 30 minutes.
5.The two sides will place MelaCake or BeeCAR in the prescribed position on the side of the court, and the eggs will be placed in the center of the court.
If you push the egg into your own area, you will get 3 points. If you push the egg out of the field, you will get 1 point.

6.Unable to clarify out of bounds, both sides are judged to have 1 point at the same time.
7.During the game, players are not allowed to touch the game vehicle, and 3 points will be deducted for violations.
8.During the game, one side scores and both sides return to the starting position.
9.Settlement at the end of the time, the score of the two sides will win, the referee may be suspended due to field factors during the game.