MelaCake (Education Edition) Basic Kit

MelaCar (Education Edition) Basic set course

Short-term course learning objectives
1.DIY process learns the component structure of the mechanical car department and guides the interest of learning with the sense of achievement accomplished in assembly.
2.The programming interface of graphical flow chart guides student’s thinking about program logic.
3.Model file interpretation simplifies the students’ creation of procedure logic and achieves the learning process of the initial experience.
4.Validate learning results in a game-ready manner and deepen students’ perceptions of procedures in a WYSIWYG way.

Motherboard module
● A safe and foolproof interface, plug and play.

● Can be used with a variety of extension kits, and has strong expandability.

● Understand the LED principle and the use of life.
● The basic concept of “sequence” is established.
● The basic setting of the light number switch and the light number dimmer.
● Learn the meaning of “circular” application and “time delay” setting.

Distance sensor module
● Understand the principles of supersonic waves and the use of life.
● The use of learning distance sensor modules.
● The data is read by turning on the Backhaul block.
● Combined with the use of LED learning modules.

Motor module
● Understand the principles of motors and their applications in life.
● Learn to operate the motor software block.
● Use of forward / reverse / speed / duration action.
● Learn about differential turns and slewing radius operations.

Bluetooth module
● Understand the principle of Bluetooth and the usefulness of life.
● Learn how to “pick up data of Bluetooth” in the program.
● Operate the Bluetooth character to control the motor and LED module.
● Connect with the mobile app to complete the game.

Automatic car
● Automatic car functions and applications in life.
● Combination motor, distance sensor, Bluetooth, LED.
● Make a library that adds auto-stop / back / turn.
● Follow-up system that detects a fixed distance ahead.