MelaCake (Education Edition) Basic Kit

MelaCar (Education Edition) Basic set course

Short-term course learning objectives
1.DIY process learns the component structure of the mechanical car department and guides the interest of learning with the sense of achievement accomplished in assembly.
2.The programming interface of graphical flow chart guides student's thinking about program logic.
3.Model file interpretation simplifies the students' creation of procedure logic and achieves the learning process of the initial experience.
4.Validate learning results in a game-ready manner and deepen students' perceptions of procedures in a WYSIWYG way.

Short-term course scheduling demonstration (flexibility)

● Understand the LED principle and the use of life.
● The basic concept of "sequence" is established.
● The basic setting of the light number switch and the light number dimmer.
● Learn the meaning of "circular" application and "time delay" setting.

Distance sensor module
● Understand the principles of supersonic waves and the use of life.
● The use of learning distance sensor modules.
● The data is read by turning on the Backhaul block.
● Combined with the use of LED learning modules.

● 了解馬達原理與生活上之運用。
● 學習操作馬達軟體方塊。
● 正反轉/速度/持續時間的動作運用。
● 瞭解差速轉彎與迴轉半徑的操作。

● 了解藍芽原理與生活上之運用。
● 學習如何在程式「讀取藍芽數值」。
● 操作藍芽字元控制馬達、LED模組。
● 與手機App進行連線來完成遊戲。

● 自動車功能與生活上的應用。
● 組合馬達、距離感測器、藍芽、LED。
● 做出加入自動煞停/後退/轉彎的函式庫。
● 偵測前方距離保持定距的跟車系統。