MelaCake (Education Edition) Extension Kit

MELACAR (Educational Edition) Extension Kit Course

Short-term course learning objectives
1. The DIY process learns the structure of the extended components of the robotic arm, and guides the interest in learning with the sense of accomplishment of assembly.
2. Graphical flow chart-based programming interface to guide students to think about advanced program logic
3. Demonstration of the archives to simplify the creation of the program logic and the learning process of the initial experience
4. Verify learning outcomes in a game-like manner and deepen students’ perceptions of programming in a WYSIWYG manner

Speaker & Light Module
● Understand the role of warning lights and warning tones.
● Learn the function adjustment of the light and buzzer.
● The learning function of the sensing module is more varied.

Infrared module
● Understand the principle of infrared and the use of life.
● Adjust the distance corresponding to the four sets of infrared rays.
● Set more actions in conjunction with the distance sensor.
● Learn how infrared rays judge different colors.
● Learn how to control the car to follow the black line.

Robotic arm module
● The application of the angle of life.
● Introduction to the Servo motor.
● Set the motor angle to control the arm base swing.
● FOR loop and WHILE loop setting action.

Wireless joystick module
● Understand the BIT carry principle and life knowledge.
● Learn two control modes for the wireless joystick.
● The learning command controls the arm or motor module.
● Use BIT definition and control combination keys.

Advanced automatic car
● Automatic car function and life application.
● Combination speaker, infrared sensor, wireless joystick, robotic arm.
● Create a library of FOR loops, WHILE loops, and mode settings.
● Lane offset, tracking, and automatic removal of the front obstacle system.

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