Cooperation with Education Channels

In addition to the assembly principle of product and the thinking of programming, the course also covers the basic knowledge behind software and hardware. The reference book for the course is a material for the teacher to write a lesson plan. After a series of module implementations, the main purpose of course is to realize daily applications by linking those implementations.

We hope to establish partnerships with educational channels around the world., and also provide the customized products for teachers and integrate them with the local education system.

Curriculum package and teaching solutions

The curriculum was designed to match the flow chart graphical programming. Electronic circuits in the hardware are presented in the form of module kits.It solves the complicated problems of poor wiring, soldering and plugging in the circuit, so that the fun of the learning program is no longer hindered, and the curriculum of various life applications will be coming soon.

Visual programming and thematic courses

Our goal is fun and easy to learn coding logic and syntax. One of the softwre feature is each module has a real time demo. We can select a stage to watch the effects of the current program settings, WYSIWYG!