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Innovation is not the product of logical thought, even though the final product is tied to a logical structure.

- Albert Einstein

Logic Thinking via TarkusVP Curriculum

Flow-Based Programming; FBP

You can learn the logical thinking and algorithm concept from TarkusVP project, and the flow-based graphic learning interface is the main highlight of this development. Instead of learning how the coding tools to be used, the curriculum emphasizes the logical thinking, the step of solving problems by work flow concept.

It will be never over time even coding tools is changing with each passing day.

Learning map


The goal of learning is the basic algorithm concept. 

The concept of logic thinking that learning from TarkusVP is not only
applied to the field of coding and programming, but also useful in subjects as math, material and chemical which required the ability for solving problems.

Positioning in learning map

For the students who already have the fundamental of the coding concept, there is still a gap to enter a formal programming course. The logical learning of variables and process will be implemented in this area.

Use flowcharts to learn the basic concepts of PME (Process Management Engine).


Applications by teaching scene

Future Blueprint of Curriculum

Course Demo

TarkusVP uses a flow chart graphical interface to make students focus on a training of logical thinking. While the project completed, push the play button and demo the device in the order of the process according to the events we planed.

The way of learning through WYSIWYG verifies the logic correctness via the working projects.

Game-based teaching

The gaming interface of the TarkusVP is the way to learn the logic of coding design through a series of game-based activities. The Games are applied to 5-8 years old and suitable for family game as well.

It is also suitable for beginners who attempt to understand the logic of coding design, and the logic concept through a “moving board games”.

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