General Course: Focus on logical concepts

Simplify the hardware & Focus on logic learning 

Problem Solving

1. Usually we use the high school kit to interact with the hardware module teaching: lack of basic concepts of electronic circuits.

2. Risks associated with DIY teaching tools: Hot melt glue guns, soldering irons, hot air guns and others. The use of these tools ignores the safety of school-age children.

Hardware features

According to our target audience is in the K4~K9 age group, we use the toy-type products to trigger the spontaneous learning of the children to motivate the cultivation of interest.

In order to reduce the elements  in high school education such as electronic circuits and motors, we simplify the hardware into the module kits and assembly them with the hook and loop fasteners.

With the simplified hardware, the course will entirely focus on learning of the program and logic architecture. Under the course outline, there are various tasks depends on module functions. Here, teachers can also create their own courses design based on the instructions and contents in teaching resource.

· Simplify the electronic circuit interface
· Plug and play 
· Convenience and Safety
· More extension kits will coming soon



The learning map of the curriculum architecture is based on hardware, supplemented by the basic logic concepts of instructions in the course. Under the architecture, there are different tasks according to the way of module applications.

In the course planning of the BeeCar, the featured course outline are classified into functional kits and sensing kits. Students learn the basis of A.I. through the modules and variable settings of components. It is also use in logical basis of the assembly language.