Course gadget: Windows bluetooth control program


Please download the TarkusVP Remote Controller (ZIP) from the link below.

After downloading, please set up the bluetooth device step by step as below:

Step 1. Select “Setting” from the “Start Menu”.

Step 2. Enter the Windows setting, then select “Device”.

Step 3. Select “Bluetooth and other devices” on left side. Next, confirm the status of Bluetooth is enable. Then, select the box “Add Bluetooth or other device”.

Step 4. Select “Bluetooth” in page of add new device.

Step 5. Please check the serial number on Bluetooth module as below picture and then select the corresponding device name on searching menu.

Step 6. Enter the PIN code to pair the device and establish the connection. The default PIN code is “0000”.

Step 7. After the pair successful, the message will show “You device has  been ready”. Then select “Finish”.

Step 8. Back to the page of “Bluetooth and other devices”, and scroll down the right side page and select “More bluetooth options”.

Step 9. Enter the page of “Bluetooth setting”, then select the sheet of “COM port”. Check the first COM port which the direction is shown”transfer”. Here we found the COM5 is our target selection in next step.

Step 10. Execute “TarkusVP Remote Controller”

Step 11. Select the target COM port, then click “Open”.

Step 12. While the COM port connecting successfully, you can start to send the message to computer.

Operating and Setting Instruction:
Click Edit icon on the right-up corner. Then the all the arrows in page could be set up the corresponding character by your own definition.

After the set up finished, click the “Save” icon on right-up corner. The controller will send the corresponding character of your setting while you push the button. Please back to Tarkus VP and execute the console demo file to ensure the receiving message.