BeeCar Extended Course

The theme of the BeeCar extension kit lies in more applications brought by the robotic arm and infrared sensor. In the wireless control, a wireless remote stick has been added that can be used in teaching areas where mobile phones cannot be used. In the current Coding teaching, a more breakthrough and innovative way makes learning the concept of binary and video game key combinations more interesting.

Extension Kit Module

Speaker & Headlight Module
● Learn what warning lights and warning sounds do.
● Learn the function adjustment of the light and buzzer.
● Combined with the learning function of the sensing module, there are more changes.

Infrared Module
● Understand the principle of infrared and the application in life.
● Adjust the distance corresponding to the four groups of infrared rays.
● Set more actions with the distance sensor.
● Learn how infrared rays judge different colors.
● Learn how to control the car to follow the black line.

Robotic Arm Module
● Angle applications in life.
● Servo motor introduction.
● Set the motor angle to control the basic swing of the arm.
● Setting of FOR loop and WHILE loop.

Wireless Joystick Module
● Understand the BIT carry principle and life knowledge.
● Learn the two control modes of the wireless joystick.
● Learning commands control the arm or motor module.
● Use BIT to define and control key combinations.

Advanced Automatic Car
● Auto car functions and applications in daily life.
● Combination speaker, infrared sensor, wireless remote stick, robot arm.
● A library for making FOR loops, WHILE loops, and mode settings.
● Lane shifting, tracking, automatic removal of obstacles ahead.

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