Learning Map

The positioning in Learning Map

Comparing with the emphasis on the Blockly interface of Coding syntax, Flow-Based Programming (FBP) emphasizes processes and problem-solving methods.

Therefore, in the learning stage after the initial understanding of the basic program syntax, the medium-term users who want to advance to direct programming must firstly understand the concept of algorithm and logical architecture.

Flow chart-based graphical programming software, TarkusVP, is generated on this demands.

Implementation of TarkusVP on the learning map 

1. Thinking about the concept of AI: “Using program instruction syntax and variable calculation to make decisions” is the basis of machine learning. Through the process concept to understand the principle of the variables calculation, and methods to solve engineering problems by variables. It is easier to connect the learning of A.I. neuron network.

2. Focus on steps of problem solving at Design Thinking: Use TarkusVP to exercise how to conceptualize the logic of the process, implement and validate the process of thinking.

3. The concept of programming logic: The users will be easy to connect with the base concepts of Coding learned in the previous stage with the use of variables and more program instructions. The intuitive interface makes it easier to think about the logic of the process.

Connect the graphical tool in future

The concept of “Flow” will also play a role in the connection between the A.I. and IOT-related environmental process graphical interfaces in the future.

Because of its easy-to-understand intuitive interface, many A.I. development platforms use Flow-oriented logic, such as Google’s Tensor Flow.

The thinking of “Flow” in the future A.I. program development will become the basic skills necessary.