Content blueprint and future development

Curriculum Positioning

Through the verification of the teaching field, the content will be gradually improved, and the advantages will be gradually developed.

Connect from the foundation of Blockly course to an advanced and complex project.。
Core value 1: Application of commands & syntax
Core value 2:Advanced logic combination
Connect to formal Coding/Programming course (Arduino/Python) with the open-source hardware

The characteristics of the original single-chip micro-controller are reserved on the hardware, and the layer can be converted between the Tarkus VP and the Arduino by direct overwriting.

Once students have a basic idea of ​​logic and can go further toward learning stage, they can use the feature of the pins definition based on open resource. The course objective will be upgraded to the stage of the formal programming course operation.

Connect to A.I. and IOT subjects

The logical thinking of TarkusVP links to the future ​​fields. The applications such as the Tensor Flow and Node-red use in flow interface. In the future blueprint, our goal is easy to learn and link the A.I. and IoT basic concept through the featured graphical interface.