Advantages of the curriculum

Teaching and learning curriculum via TarkusVP
Solving the Problems

While the beginners use the Blockly graphic coding tool, they cannot go deeper into the more complex coding project architecture in formal programming classroom.
After the program is compiled, there are many unforeseen obstacles and situations, so the expected program feedback cannot be presented immediately in the classroom.

Flow-based programming graphical tool 

TarkusVP with an innovative interface is different from the interface of “When….Do…” derived in general robot coding class.

It is through the modules of each class, the architecture of each programming language logic, and the organization of flow chart learning courses.

The flow chart structure shows that the program is more clear than Blockly’s stacked graphics, and the steps are more simplified.

In the mean time, considering the target users are students in elementary school, we reduce the variability of the parameters and display the variable parameters directly on the graphic interface. In the logic of learning, students gradually learn to develop flow charts that will cover of all possibility of functions and applications. It makes learning easier and more interesting.