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Warranty terms of Tarkustech

  • You can present this product warranty card for one year from the purchasing date of this product for any device failure within the scope of normal and reasonable use of the products defined by Tarkus, and Tarkus will provide free warranty service. However, the following items will be handled separately in accordance with the corresponding warranty services:
  1. Main board module: Provide limited warranty service for 90 days from the purchasing date of this product.
  2. Function module: Provide limited warranty service for 90 days from the purchasing date of this product.
  3. Accessories: No warranty service is provided (including outer box, machine package, power cord, USB cable, wire, manual and other hardware and appearance accessories).
  • To ensure your rights, please ask the dealer or distributor to fill in the product information and purchase date on the product warranty card at the time of purchase and place the dealer's store stamp on it.
  • Please present this warranty card if you require any warranty service for covered defects in the product arising during the warranty period.
  • Maintenance and transportation costs shall be paid by the customer and Tarkus. The customer shall pack and send it to the designated distributor, while the company will send the repaired product or replacement parts back to the customer.
  • The following conditions are not covered by the warranty, Tarkustech may charge the end user for all costs incurred by Tarkustech with respect to a product submitted for warranty service under any of the following circumstances:
  1. Misuse: In the case of any defect or damage to the product caused by incorrect use, improper installation, abnormal wear, physical damage or deformation caused by falls or blows, burnt circuits resulting from action by the user, broken or bent interfaces or pins, or any other defect or physical damage to the product caused by misuse.
  2. Incompatibility issues: In the case of any problem not directly related to the function of the product itself, such as a complaint of a conflict with or interference from other electronic equipment, a failure to perform as the user expected, noise from motor operation, speed, or odor caused from use of the product.
  3. Damage caused by force majeure such as a lightning strike, fire, earthquake, floods, civil disturbance or war, or any other event beyond human control.
  4. Any request for warranty service after expiration of the warranty period.