animal arena

【The purpose of learning】
    This device allows children to set their own order of departure, and check the interface to make the LED light up in order.
    Let the children go through the process of “implementing the results of the instruction settings” with a single action.

【Equipment requirements】
    Motherboard module, distance sensor module, animal platform game set.

【Game introduction】
    In the animal competition, four kinds of animals are used to fight against each other. The animals are elephants, Weasel , mouse, and King Kong. There is an LED light each animal , and when the light is on, the representative will take part in the competition.

     Among them,The elephant wins the weasel; the weasel wins the mouse; the mouse wins the elephant; King Kong wins the other three animals, but it can only use once.And the same animals fights,It will be a tie.

1.Device settings:
    Please connect the motherboard  to the computer;The distance sensor is connected to the 0th interface of the motherboard;The animal platform is connected to the 5th interface of the motherboard,And open the TARKUS VP program.

2.Click on the game module in the graphic tool area of ​​TARKUS VP to open the list,Select animal platform for parameter setting.

3.Both parties need to set 10 groups of  animals first,animals appear in order from 1 to 10,after setting the sequence, press the play button.

4.At the beginning of the game, both parties will mask the distance sensor and the carousel will start,each group scores one point against the winner.

5.After ten rounds of confrontation, the one with the higher score wins.