Ting Song Agent Cooperation

Tarkus cooperated with Ting Song’s agent. In addition, 90 seconds and 60 minutes of videos were placed on YOUTUBE and the official website. Teachers were increased and seminars were held. The expected benefit was to increase sales of teaching aids.

The main points of film shooting are as follows:
Episode 1: Analysis of each part, functional analysis, BeeCar implementation, recruitment, readme.
Episode 2: Mainstream Markets, Educational Functions, Introduction to Topx, Child Implementation, Analysis of Usage.
Episode 3: feedback on results, introduction to logical concepts, advantages of mainstream programming learning.
Episode 4: Children’s learning ability and concentration, simple operation interface, and increased interest in learning.
Episode 5: Job market, increase workplace competitiveness, can adults learn programs?
Episode 6: Future Development Focus, Fundraising, Core Values, Goals.

@ Taipei Minquan East Road, No. 45, 3F, MaideaX Classroom

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