107-year Maker Practice Study in New Taipei City-Danshui Cultural Elementary School

[New Taipei City 107 Years Maker Practice Camp]
New Taipei City 107-year Maker Practice Study-Tamsui Cultural Elementary School.
In the drizzle, we visited the first stop of this training camp-the Freshwater Cultural Elementary School.
In this course, you need to assemble MelaCake in a few simple steps, and then write a program to make MelaCake move!

After the assembly is completed, our highlight is the teaching of TARKUS VP programming software.

Most of the teachers participating in the training camp have been exposed to programming software, and we have received a lot of feedback while teaching. Teachers who have not been in contact can write LED lights and auto-stop after just three hours of lessons Action !

The flowchart programming interface of TARKUS VP is developed for beginners, it is really very easy to understand!

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