2018 cross-strait three elementary and middle school STEM competition

2018 cross-strait three elementary and middle school STEM competition
The educational concept STEMic advocated by Jincai Education echoes with our central concept STEAM.

In order to maintain children’s international competitiveness, we need diverse talents with different capabilities at different levels to strengthen their international competitiveness. In line with today’s world economic / scientific and technological development and the need for versatile talents such as languages, innovation and science are actively promoted around the world. The focus is more on the importance of innovation in STEM-related areas. These changes in the macro environment have encouraged schools to actively promote STEM education.

So what is STEMic?

STEMic is a scholarly education method advocated by the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It promotes the study of the combination of Chinese and English numbers and STEM for the public in Hong Kong and Asia.

From STEM education to STEAM education, the concept of STEM education is to represent new concepts in the field of future science and technology and talent training. Then STEAM education belongs to a wide range of learning, including liberal arts and science, so that students are no longer limited to a single In terms of disciplines, you can think from different perspectives, learn the essence of science and technology by constructing the beauty of engineering and presenting art, and cultivate logical thinking ability, communication ability, and innovation ability under multiple development.

The “2018 Cross-Strait Three-Primary Primary and Secondary School STEM Competition” is honored to be invited to participate in the co-organization. Among them, the participants and co-organizers include Hong Kong Justices of the Peace, Hong Kong MPs, University Professors, AiTLE, HKACE and other large program education associations.

★★★★★ Education partners from all over the world are welcome to sign up and join hands together to celebrate the event ★★★★★

The competition information is as follows:

Submission of preliminary entries: October 15, 2018
Announcement of finalists: October 25, 2018
Final competition date: December 15, 2018 (Primary School)
December 16, 2018 (Secondary School Group)

Final venue: Shatin Hong Kong Science Park Conference Centre 2 (10W) 1 / F Conference Hall
Registration fee: Free
Target: Primary and secondary school teams selected from primary and secondary schools in three places (Hong Kong / Mainland China / Taiwan / Macau)